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bankruptcy attorney lawyer chapter 7,13

Are you drowning in debt during these tough economic times? Bankruptcy may be the life jacket to keep you afloat. Let our knowledgeable team consisting of bankruptcy attorneys, foreclosure lawyers, business consultants, real estate professionals and tax experts act as lifeguards to help you weather the storm and navigate the complex waters of bankruptcy laws and the foreclosure process. We can also assist you with credit repair services in the post-bankruptcy world by developing a plan of rehabilitation to quickly reestablish your credit facility. Get a fresh lease on life today by eliminating burdensome debts, deficiency judgments and unnecessary stress. CALL 1-866-960-1855 for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION. Hablamos Español.


bankruptcy attorney lawyer chapter 7,13
Antonio Pagan, P.L., is a full service law firm with a national network of attorneys who provide a broad range of corporate law services to businesses. We often serve as general counsel for corporations and represent them in all aspects of their corporate affairs ranging from the initial incorporation process through all aspects of its operation. Our business law practice is broad and often intersects with closely related practices such as asset protection, civil litigation, commercial transactions, contracts, intellectual property, labor and employment, real estate, securities regulation, taxation, and the like. The firm is involved in all aspects of corporate governance, including director and officer liability. We represent businesses in structuring their corporate financing needs from the initial capitalization process through the establishment of on-going working capital credit facilities. We are active in domestic and cross-border corporate transactions including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, shareholder dispute resolution, buyout agreements, and other commercial transactions. We also counsel businesses in connection with their ongoing contractual relationships with customers, suppliers, and distributors.


real estate attorney foreclosure lawyer loan modification
If you are struggling paycheck-to-paycheck to make your mortgage payments and other bills, CALL 1-866-960-1855 for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with a knowledgeable and friendly attorney who can provide detailed advice regarding the foreclosure process and bankruptcy laws. Whether your goal is to save your home, buy time, or eliminate debts, our team consisting of foreclosure attorneys, bankruptcy lawyers and real estate professionals can help you find a myriad of solutions to address your financial problems. We handle loan modification, deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sale, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy and credit repair cases. Carve out stress and take control of your life today. You have nothing to lose…but a home to retain.


litigation attorney business lawyer
The civil litigation team specializes in neutralizing problems before they escalate through the negotiation process. However, our team of aggressive litigators is prepared to go the distance should private discussions come to an impasse. In times of economic turmoil, business and civil disputes are at an all-time high. Whether you are dealing with a simple commercial dispute or a complex stock purchase transaction among feuding business partners, you need the sophisticated team of litigators at Antonio Pagan by your side to secure a tactical advantage. CALL 1-866-960-1855 for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with a knowledgeable and friendly attorney who can help you evaluate all of your legal options and develop viable soltions to your problems.


divorce attorney lawyer
Antonio Pagan is a full-service law firm handling all family law matters, including: Adoption, Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce, Mediation and Collaborative Divorces, Modifications of Support Obligations, Military Divorce, Parental-Child Relocation, Paternity, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, Property and Marital Settlement Agreements, and Visitation. Our passionate and caring family law attorneys take pride in offering quality legal services at an affordable price. We work diligently to protect our client’s interests while minimizing the adversarial and stressful nature of family law proceedings to ensure swift and cost-effective justice. CALL 1-866-960-1855 for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with our knowledgeable and friendly lawyers. Hablamos Español.


will trust estate probate gardienship attorney lawyer
Estate planning is the process by which a person arranges the transfer of assets to heirs or other beneficiaries. The reason for this is to provide the family, or anonymous miscellaneous beneficiaries, with legal rights to the property after the individual has passed away. A good estate planning lawyer can do more than just manufacture a simple will. Estate planning also typically minimizes potential taxes, fees, and other risks. Estate planning is a form of asset protection akin to insurance with the primary benefit of preserving wealth for future generations. We have helped affluent protect themselves from lawsuits, creditors, divorce and other predatory threats. Our attorneys can help you protect your family’s future by proactively establishing a defensive strategy to protect your wealth. Probate attorneys deal with the legal process during which the will is validated; the assets of the deceased are inventoried; and all debts, creditor claims (including applicable lawsuits) and taxes are paid. Then, once it is determined who is entitled by the probate proceedings, the remaining assets that were left in the will are distributed to the named beneficiaries and heirs.